The Art and Science of energy healing

everyone has the innate ability to heal and relieve pain

Pranic Healing was born in 1987 after years of research and validation by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui.

Pranic Healing provides the science behind energy-based treatment, supported by tons and tons of researches and testimonials around the world.

Energy Healing is not a new concept. Many sages, saints, and healers have been practicing the art of healing from long ago. Though not all the modalities are recorded, still, you can see hundreds of them if you search the web.

What makes Pranic Healing unique among the rest, is its modern, fresh, and scientific view towards energy, healing, and general well-being.

Master Choa’s teachings have successfully demonstrated that energy is an important factor in healing the physical body and the mind. There are plenty of medical doctors all over the world that complement Pranic Healing with their profession. Pranic Healing has also departments in a number of hospitals worldwide including Northern California Neurosurgery and Kaiser Permanent hospitals (USA), Sinai Medical Centre and Brown’s Cancer Leukaemia Support Centre (Australia), as well as the Apollo Hospitals all over India. In fact there are currently a great number of dentists, general surgeons, medical practitioners, specialists and nurses who use Pranic Healing effectively in their profession.

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