Pranic Healing Treatment

“Pranic Healing is a science. It is based on cleansing and energizing. By cleansing or removing the diseased energy from the affected chakra or organ, and energizing them with sufficient prana, healing takes place.” - GMCKS Possible Miracles Sutra

A Pranic Healing treatment involves a thorough cleansing of the entire aura, all the chakras and organs related with your ailment or discomfort and then energizing them thoroughly with prana (life force energy).

A Pranic Healing treatment consists of:

- An interview session at the first appointment with the patient to understand the nature and severity of the physical and psychological aspects of the ailment;

- A thorough Pranic Healing treatment.

- A healing plan comprising of the number of healing sessions and frequency that will be required for a faster recovery.

Duration of treatment: 30 - 60 Minutes

Prerequisite: It is advisable to take a salt bath prior your treatment. If possible, do some physical & breathing exercises to further prepare yourself for the healing and stay receptive.

This treatment can be in-person at the center or a distant session if the patient cannot come in person to the center or is in another part of the country or the globe. Both methods are equally effective.

We welcome you to experience a happier & a better you!
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